Ryan Jobs has his degree in Kinesiology, is FMS Level 2 certified,
and is owner of Coastal Fitness; a results-based fitness company
located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.
Ryan’s passion and ability to take information from the best in
the industry and provide a fast and effective result to his clients,
has quickly established him as the “go to” guy in the region. Having tried numerous
solutions, busy parents are turning to Ryan and his team at Coastal Fitness to provide
a lasting solution to their fitness goals.
Coastal Fitness was created to empower people in the Lower Mainland, not only to
meet, but to exceed their health and fitness goals, especially the busy parent who
doesn’t have two hours to spend at the gym. Ryan and the rest of the Coastal staff
strive to give busy parents the Courage to Start, and the Strength to Succeed!
Ryan is married to his lovely wife, Joanna, and they have beautiful twin daughters,
Kyra and Marika.
For information on Ryan Jobs and Coastal Fitness,
Coastal Fitness, Langley, British Columbia
Tel. 604-728-4155