Rutherford De Armas has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, including sales management, sales training, and strategic planning. He has worked for large Fortune 500 companies and consulted with businesses of all sizes, handling various responsibilities in the areas of sales, sales management, marketing, and strategic business development.

Apogee Consulting Group™ helps small and medium-sized businesses maximize their revenues and profitability by developing and implementing proven marketing, advertising, and sales strategies that get results.

Apogee Consulting Group™ has played a key role in the expansion of businesses across several B2B and B2C industries including, but not limited to, Manufacturing, Professional, Retail, Wholesale, etc. with typical results of 4-8 times growth versus industry averages. Apogee Consulting Group™ shows its clients how to build a competitive advantage in their marketplace and then properly communicate those advantages to their prospects in the most efficient, effective, and profitable way.