Ruth Ann Reese, co-founder of Business Infusion, is a seasoned,
multi-dimensional, C Level executive with a breadth of experience
spanning a wide array of industries. Her passion for leadership
of a company’s most valuable asset, its people, has resulted
in superior organizational achievements throughout her career.
Her successes are a culmination of her creativity, innovation, operational
excellence and collaborative management techniques.
This diverse background creates an uncommon vantage point when considering
business strategies for profit growth. Her career spans industries including Aviation,
Infomercial Marketing, Spa Salon Industry, Jewelry manufacturing, and Chamber of
Commerce management. “Through my wide-ranging background, I have learned innovative
and dynamic sales and marketing techniques, cutting-edge technology applications
in operations and marketing, diverse organizational management approaches,
and superior methods of team and consensus building processes,” she shares.
Ruth Ann’s work hard, work smart, but have fun doing it approach to business is apparent,
as you talk with those she has worked with throughout her career. “I believe
quality teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Through many years of corporate management and consulting, Ruth Ann has found
she “falls in love with companies and views them as living, breathing entities that need
the same nurturing, education, and support she provides as a mom to her children!”
“My partner Heather and I joined forces from our common desire to provide small business
with high quality reasonably-priced products and services,” Reese states. One
example is they both experienced over the years that most business consultants and
coaches will teach their clients to have ongoing marketing campaigns to drive sales
and new client development, but missing is the “with what?” Many small business
owners are spending countless hours and hundreds to thousands of dollars to create
the various marketing pieces needed to support a successful marketing campaign.
So Reese & Huddleston got busy and launched, offering a
Marketing Kit that is ready to customize with your company logo and contact info, get
it printed, and get started growing! Each Marketing Kit includes eight unique Marketing
Campaigns, and each Campaign includes a poster, flyer, email template, postcard, referral
card, stand-up shelf talker, stationery, and gift certificate. All designed by professional
graphic artists, and custom to specific industries. Enough marketing campaigns
to complete a full year for $395.00.
In their book Profit Pigs Are Green, , these two corporate
power houses provide business owners and upper management of every size and
type of business a fun-filled and motivating journey through the process of restructuring
business operations with a specific focus on profit. Loaded with insights and ideas
to increase profit, it will inspire you to take immediate action. Statistics on business
failures have always been daunting, even more so in recent years. These statistics
should compel business management to continually question expenditures, and aggressively
pursue every opportunity for additional profit. Profit Pigs Are Green with
Profits all the way to the bank!
“When I am not at work “geeking-out” with my business partner, look for me playing
on or near the closest body of water, enjoying my two daughters, cooking up a great
meal to entertain family and friends, or digging in the dirt in my garden,” states Reese
as she shares this glimpse of her personal life.