Dr. Roy Wrather has emerged as a stalwart in today’s
world of Total Modern Dentistry combined with
‘old world’ artisanship and charm. As an entertaining,
lively and provocative guest, he has appeared on TV
talks shows sharing his ideas about the realities of dentistry.
Determined to practice a preventive model of dentistry where patients
could have real hope of healing or controlling the diseases that ravage
mouths (and by extension the entire body), and causing pain, embarrassment,
time loss and energy loss.
Dr. Wrather studied undergrad at Rhodes College in Memphis, and then
graduated with a Math and Physical Sciences major at Memphis University.
After that, he attended the University of Tennessee Medical units in
Memphis, and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree.
Awards: Dr. Wrather was awarded the Richard Doggett Dean and Margaret
Taylor Dean award and the Dental Auxiliary Utilization award from
The University of Tennessee Medical Units at Memphis Dental School.
He received The Patron of the Year, and the Man of the Year, from civic
organizations in Covington.
After a short stint with the public health department in central Missouri, he set
up private practice in Covington, TN. This is a small town in West Tennessee
just south of Memphis. Covington is a cross between a John Grisham and
Rosemunde Pilcher-book town, with all the charm and intrigue that is inherent
in such a town. This town has turned out to be a good place to have the type
of practice Dr. Wrather desired, and to raise his daughters.
Dr. Wrather has his dream practice that emphasizes preventive dentistry
and co-diagnosis, along with treatment planning with the patient who is
usually already a friend.
He still has his practice and resides there with his wife Brenda. Dr. Wrather
and Brenda are active in the town and their church. Their four daughters
and nine grandchildren live close in Covington and Memphis.
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