Roy Vale is a family man living in San Antonio, Tx with his wife and inspiration, Monica. Roy also has four children and four grandchildren. Roy is a fan of sports, outdoor adventures and admits his fair talent of golf. Roy has also completed a few half marathons and marathons. In his younger years of athletics, Roy broke his neck playing football, as well as having four other major injuries. These injuries, and growing up in the government projects way down south near the border of Mexico as a child, were part of the molding that have created a person who simply won’t let up when the wind don’t blow! In the business world, Roy is also known as the Marketing Guru in some of his circles as well as Big Dawg and the Godfather of Sales. The Godfather of Sales says, “Winning is not a slogan, It’s a way of life!” This past year, he received the highest honor, Presidents Council Member, by his company, The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. Roy has been in sales for 15 years plus business coaching and performance management for the last 16 years. On a personal mission to help himself, his family and friends, Roy, has also started a personal speaking seminar/tour of his own: Critical Balance. Roy tries to share inspirational, calculated and proven systems from the old book as well as guidance from popular people who have succeeded and failed but learned well in their efforts to balance their lives in areas of relationships, money, health, careers and faith! As a Sales Manager, he inspires, guides and coaches 40 agents and 80 reps. In 2012, Big Daddy completed an event called “Tough Mudder” in the Austin, Tx area. His wife Monica and his son Ryan were there to witness the 3 hours and 31 minutes as well as other friends and peers. Roy completed this grueling event (12 miles, 26 obstacles) while not being in the best of shape .When asked by his friends, “How in the world did you finish?”, The Marketing Guru replied, “My son called me two days before the event and told me he remembered one of my favorite sayings”, so I asked, “which one is that?” He replied, “In life, when you can’t reach your goals, you sometimes lack the tenacity or desire, so Dad, are you going to finish the Tough Mudder, or did you want to answer your own question?” Yes, Roy Vale is known for never giving up and finding ways to win! Roy Vale was also asked by a colleague as to why he had so many nicknames. He believes that as you journey through the days and years, we must change, adopt, create and react to different “curves” that come our way. I have been blessed to help others while maintaining some decent “nicknames” and yet, enjoy the benefits of the career I have and able to share the my blessings with others!
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