Rosie Rodriguez is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire owning multiple real estate related businesses and investment properties. She enjoys building businesses, teaching, coaching, exercising, and is constantly in the pursuit of higher learning. She is married and ready to celebrate 20 years of marriage, and
the mother of three beautiful children. She will begin by telling you in some detail about her childhood, only so that you can understand how crucial the lessons learned early in her life can translate into success or failure of your business.

Rosie was born of immigrant parents many moons ago. As a young child, they lived in a studio apartment (3 adults and 3 children). Their living room was their bedroom and their dining room. She never knew the definition of poor or rich, and never saw herself as any different than other kids. What she remembers most about her childhood was how hard her father worked, and how much she was loved. She never “thought” about how she was going to succeed, what her career was going to be—it was all about living in the moment, celebrating, and being part of her family.

Little did she know what life lessons were ahead of her.