Rosanna Savone is a Self-image Expert, Author and Speaker that supports you in fearlessly loving yourself. Her upcoming book, Memoirs of a Bald Bride, shares her personal struggle with a rare autoimmune disease, Alopecia Universalis, that caused her hair to all fall out at 29 years old within 6 months of
her wedding day. This caused a deep emotional impact that caused her self-image to change over night – and not for the better. She uses her experience in overcoming her self-image struggles to offer her top notch program, Fearlessly Love Yourself.
Using her own 7 Step FLY SystemTM, her latest screenwriting project is currently represented by a top Hollywood talent agency, WME, and has an Academy Award Nominated Producer attached. Her clients also gain similar results through discovering their true self-image allowing them to take flight towards their long-awaited dreams!