Rod Polston is unlike any attorney you’ve ever met. He
doesn’t bill by the hour, watch the clock, send invoices
for every hearing he holds, meeting he has, phone call he
makes, and research he does on your case. Rather, Rod
genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients and
has distinguished himself from other law firms as a place that genuinely seeks
to resolve the real problem that an IRS tax liability is creating in your life.
When a client meets with Rod, he doesn’t push them in and out the door
like a drive-thru service, but instead he feels it’s important to take the time
to find out the heart of the problem created by the tax liability. Clients come
to the office and say they can’t sleep at night, they can’t plan for the future,
they want to sell their house, but they can’t think about any of these
things because the IRS tax liability and tax liens hanging over their head. Rod
Polston, the attorneys, and enrolled agents in his office meet with clients and
strategize on how they can help them meet their goals and live the life they
want, free of the burden of a tax liability.
Rod has also revolutionized his legal practice by trying his best to provide
clients with an up-front estimate of how much their total case will cost from
start to finish, regardless of the many complications that will arise through
the course of completing their case. Thousands of clients have provided his
office with raving reviews to share with other prospective clients so others
may also know what a wonderful experience they can expect if they chose
to retain Rod’s services.
Rod’s personal touch and his incredible staff have enabled the office to become
Oklahoma’s premier tax law firm and the only place to go when you
need someone to fight for your rights and negotiate a resolution with the IRS.
After working for many years as an accountant, Rod’s decision to become
an attorney stems from his passion to help people. Rod is extremely generous
with the multiple charities, missionaries, and Christian organizations he
supports year-round, and this nature is reflected in his practice.
He and his staff demonstrate an unmatched fervour and tenacity for fighting
for their clients’ cases. Rod not only loves the challenge of solving problems
for his clients but more important finds great satisfaction in providing reassurance
and realistic resolutions for taxpayers who think their options are
Rod has more than 17 years of tax experience and 10 years of legal experience
representing clients before the IRS and has distinguished himself as
a leader and strong negotiator among both the legal community as well as
among the IRS agents his office routinely works with. Rod has put together
an elite team comprised of attorneys, accountants and several case managers
who analyze and prepare a strategy on a case-by-case basis to ensure
the best possible outcome for each individual case. Rod earnestly believes
this is his calling in life and is a living example of the phrase, “When you love
what you do, it’s not work!”