Rock La Spada has been in the financial services industry
for over 25 years. He formed his own business management
company, providing services for income taxes, securities,
insurance, real estate, and budgeting. Upon leaving initial active
duty, he immediately signed on for a new US Air Force flight
program. He was then able to maintain his commission as an officer and fly specific
missions worldwide while working and attending graduate school. The mission that
his unit was responsible for was transporting troops and supplies into combat zones
in overseas locations. He eventually retired from the Air Force as a Major after 23
When he left his initial tour of active duty, he returned to school at USC to complete
doctoral studies in economics and finance. After graduating from USC, he attended
additional schools to further his education in order to obtain degrees in International
Business and Real Estate. He taught investment and finance courses as a professor
at the college in Nevada. His services as an investment advisor and lecturer have
been requested by numerous corporations both in the US and in other countries.
Rock has worked with a number of well-known actors, entertainment celebrities,
and physicians. He provides complete business management plans, retirement
plans, and investment services. Before the crash of 2008, he was considered to be
way too (ultra) conservative. After the crash, many new clients were referred to him
by satisfied existing clients. Those that followed his advice did not lose a cent and
thus showered him with accolades. Those that did not follow his advice expressed
extreme regret and wished they had.
His motto is:
“I ensure that you can sleep at night like a rock, so that I can sleep like a rock.”