A successful entrepreneur for the past fourteen years, Robert
Zehnder has helped companies worldwide achieve their
business goals through education and the use of technology.
Robert’s passion for technology and talent for translating techno
geek speak into easy-to-understand English for executives and
business owners led him to found Hodgson Consulting & Solutions, a technologyconsulting
firm headquartered in Chicago, IL.
In 2005, Robert realized a shift in the market and through research discovered that
many companies were being overcharged and underserviced for technology services.
In response, he then decided to create the Peace of Mind Business Solutions, a highly
successful predictable pricing model for Information Technology Services.
Robert is a recognized authority in virtualization solutions. He has been honored
consistently for his strategic role in developing certification exams for Citrix Systems.
He has implemented global Microsoft Enterprise Server Solutions for companies
systems throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. He continues to design
and implement internal network infrastructures and multi-layer security solutions for
companies throughout North America.
Robert currently has over 20 Industry Recognized Certifications and is an in-demand
speaker on the topics of Network Security, Virtualization, Mobile and Cloud Computing.
Robert joined the Boy Scouts of America as a Boy Scout at age 11 and through hard
work and diligence he became an Eagle Scout when he was seventeen. Robert has
lived his life and run his business based on the values he learned as a Boy Scout.
Robert is currently an awarded and recognized Cub Scout leader in his community.