Robert Putnam leads teams to achieve that next level of excellence. After graduating college he was commissioned a Marine Corps Infantry Officer. He led infantry, reconnaissance, and Special Operations units. After getting a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Robert was the Project Manager for
a wireless telecom. These projects were for Call Center and Retail Store applications. Robert took time to work as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq leading a multi- national guard force at the U.S. Embassy. Robert is currently working for FEMA in Disaster Recovery middle manager role.
Robert’s current work with FEMA enables him to hone business continuity, crisis planning, and disaster recovery skills. In the military it was called support operations and contingency planning. At a Forward Operating Base in Iraq, staying in business presented several logistical and security challenges. Add it all up and Robert understands how to stay in business despite a changing market place or when a crisis presents itself.
Robert is a graduate of Missouri University (in Columbia) and Missouri State (in Springfield) majoring in Computer Science and Political Science respectively. Robert authored a memoir book about his father, The Life and Times of R.L. Putnam, Jr. All of his thirty years of experience goes into how to make tomorrow better than today. Yet with all this experience, Robert is committed to a lifetime of learning. In this Just-in- Time world, it is never too late to learn a new way of getting things done.
After starting an online blog and business, Robert is passing on his expert skills at his website: and Connect with him at the web site or email: [email protected].