Robert Keil has always been an entrepreneur at heart. He grew up in Germany and in his youth he played a lot of tennis. He found that many of the other club members needed to have their racquets strung. So he saved up some money and bought a tennis racket stringer. A few ads on the club’s bulletin board got
him his first customers and pretty quickly he added to the product offering in the form of tennis balls, shoes and clothing. His school mates always wondered how he could afford more than most of them.
When he moved to the US he returned to his entrepreneurial roots and started a commercial cleaning company. Within two years he had over 20 employees and then successfully sold the company. Thereafter he honed his business skills in Corporate America. Eventually he was responsible for $400 million in annual revenue for a business line of a top 5 bank. He managed several nationwide sales teams, marketing and for a while, the product development.
While he enjoyed his time in the corporate world and gained much valuable experience, the desire to run his own business surfaced again. He started a real estate investing business eight years ago to create a stream of passive income while working for the bank. He still owns this company.
In 2012, his paths crossed with Brian Tracy’s FocalPoint organization and eventually he decided to join them. He became one their certified business coaches and sales trainers. This change has allowed him to spend more time with his family. At the same time he is able to follow his passion of helping entrepreneurs grow their business in a predictable and systematic way.
He is using a powerful program created by Brian Tracy and combines it with his own business experience. This allows him to relate to the needs of small companies just starting up as well as large companies with hundreds of millions in revenue. He can provide assistance in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Time Management, Leadership and Exit Strategies.
Robert lives with his family in the Minneapolis area. They enjoy traveling as a family and regularly spend time in Europe. Additionally, they enjoy a wide range of activities from attending sports events and concerts to visiting museums, fine dining and movies.
He would be happy to help you create a blueprint for your business that will allow you to create your niche market. You can reach out to him via his website: or you can call him at 952-472-9804.