Robert Caltabiano is a Certified Life Success and Business Consultant/coach. Robert holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice/Constitutional Law and is a 23-year veteran of the United States Secret Service who has received numerous letters of commendation from various Heads of State. His desire to assist and to serve others likely stems, at least in part, from growing up in the hotel & hospitality business.

Robert, a devotee of Earl Nightingale, coaches both business and personal clients toward becoming what they think about, helping them to “be” what they desire in their minds thus harnessing the power of imagery. Robert shares his insights into leadership and personal inspiration gleaned from years of working with and learning from several United States Presidents and from his very personal journey when his teenage son was battling and beating leukemia. Utilizing his years of experience in senior management and government leadership, Robert guides his clients through the process to success by encouraging them to discover and activate their hidden potential.

Robert is an enthusiastic public speaker and member of the National Speakers Association whose notable and diverse audiences include The United Nations, The United States Treasury and Homeland Security Departments, Major League Baseball, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, New York State Assembly and State University of New York, at Albany.

Marrying his passion for public speaking with his knowedge of the intricacies of human thinking, Robert became a certified “Thinking into Results” Consultant who assists individuals, organizations and businesses in uncovering their hidden strengths to achieve their full potential. Robert’s own mentor and coach is Bob Proctor, whose ideas and theories are illustrated in the 2006 film “The Secret.”

Robert is currently working on his first book related to successful living. When he is not coaching, speaking or writing, Robert fishes with his four children, listens to 1950’s music and enjoys basketball and baseball. He is even a member of the North Texas Men’s Baseball League. Robert is also a certified Ocean water rescue diver and instructor.