Shannon and Rob Yontz co-own and operate True North Fitness &
Health located in Ventura, California. Established in 2003, using
their hunger for academics and application of physical sciences,
Shannon and Rob rapidly ascended to being recognized by their
colleagues as regional and national experts in their fields of fitness
nutrition, youth fitness, large group training and customized semi-private personal
training. Together they have earned more than 30 certifications in the Fitness
field of study.
Nine years later, they have successfully worked with more than three thousand clients,
of all kinds – adult athletes, junior Olympic athletes, crazy busy moms/dads; doctors,
nurses, attorneys, stay-at-home moms, accountants, grandmas and granddads, students,
firemen, law enforcement, military; people with metabolic disease, total hip
replacements, total knee replacements, scoliosis and others with multitudes of other
functional inefficiencies and chronic or acute physical ailments – to help them realize
a life where they feel better and have the health and body of their dreams. Their
clients have achieved life quality improvements of fat elimination, improved strength
and flexibility, improved cardio-respiratory performance, and refocused mindset, to
live a renewed and refreshed higher quality of life.
Today, Shannon and Rob continue to expand their reach to impact more lives by
building their team at True North Fitness & Health, as well as to help educate and
develop fellow fitness professionals in their businesses and applications – through
their affiliate groups with the international Adventure Boot Camp professionals group
and the Results Fitness University Platinum Mastermind Members Group.
Shannon and Rob are frequently sought after health and fitness experts for local and
regional radio show interviews and newspaper articles, and they have been published
in Women’s Health magazine as well as having three (3) healthy meal recipes
published in the international Adventure Boot Camp Recipe Cook Book – which can
be purchased through our web site.
Contact Information:
e-mail: [email protected]