Rik Villegas is a business owner, author, speaker, trainer and business
coach who works with business owners to develop consistently
profitable businesses that can operate without them. His personal
goal is to add another zero to the bottom line of those clients
he decides to partner with, while creating their dream lifestyle in
the process.
In the past 30 years, Rik has started, managed, or turned around 11 organizations.
He has also worked closely with more than 400 businesses ranging from small, privately
owned companies to large multinational corporations as a consultant, coach,
trainer and strategist in numerous industries. This has allowed him to gain a broad
understanding of the procedures, practices and processes of many different types of
His career has ranged from being a captain in the Air Force, marketing director of
a regional mall, manager of a business incubator, college business professor, and
director of a Small Business Development Center. He has also worked with medical
professionals, government, and nonprofit organizations.
More than 500 of Rik’s business articles have been published in newspapers and
magazines, and he is also the author of Your BizGrowth Challenge: Implementing
Solutions in the 7 Strategic Dimensions to Take Control of Your Business Growth, Even
During Tough Economic Times.
Rik was working with more than 20 clients when he stumbled onto the concept of building
strategic alliances around moments he calls life transitions. He went on to develop
a website that provides businesses with an automated, lead-generation system by focusing
on over 17 major life transitions most people will experience on their life’s journey.
His clients in each life transition are positioned as trusted professionals who offer
outstanding solutions to the challenges experienced by people during each transition.
In addition, he has developed a unique, inside-out customer training program that
helps his clients create loyal customers who love to return more often, and refer more
of their friends, family, and associates.
Rik has personally experienced most of the life transitions during his life’s journey,
where he has learned some powerful lessons on how to crack the success code in
life transitions, as well as the business transitions of starting up, growing and exiting
a business successfully.
How a 30,000-Foot Perspective Can Position Your Business as the Best and Only Choice
To learn more about how life transitions can benefit your business, go to BestLifeTran and click on the “Business Stages” Life Transition link where you’ll learn
how to position your business as the best and only choice, before your prospects
even enter a crowded Life Transition intersection. You can also contact Rik directly
with any questions at: [email protected].