Rene McGill is co-founder of Liquid Assets, a family
owned and operated beverage wholesaler based in
Houston, Texas, that has catered to the restaurant and
bar industry for the last 14 years.
Rene received her degree in Journalism from Texas
A&M University in 1988 and was a newspaper reporter covering local
government and education. When she married and moved to Houston, she
worked for Hines Interests while she assisted her husband Jerry in starting
their own business in the beverage wholesale industry.
Rene left Hines in the mid 1990’s and went to work for Service Corporation
International in Trust Administration. In 1996, she left SCI to join Jerry fulltime
in running the family businesses.
During her time running Liquid Assets, she added to an extensive writing
background with several years of study in direct response marketing under
the direction of Dan Kennedy. Rene and Jerry have used these direct
response skills to change and grow their existing businesses as well as
consult with a variety of business owners on techniques to market their
businesses. She and Jerry started and ran the Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle
chapter in Houston for three years before selling it to focus on their existing
businesses. Together they have also started and operated three additional
businesses besides Liquid Assets.
When time permits, Rene does copywriting and editing for other direct response
marketing projects and is active in the Greater Houston Restaurant