Regan Kuja has worked extensively in Health & Fitness, Termite & Pest Control, and Network Marketing and was first turned on the world of sales and the need to become good at it through an audio training program by Brian Tracy.

With a passion for entrepreneurism inspired by his father Larry and the love and support of his mother Sheila, he started working as a child around his neighborhood as well as delivering newspapers. Thrilled with business he studied Business Administration and Management at U Mass Lowell and moved to CA to pursue a Health and Fitness career at Gold’s Gym. Training and working there as well as many other gyms led to his founding Phys-Cal Fitness, a personal training & nutrition consulting business.

Following that were many years honing sales, management and leadership skills in the termite and pest control industry, breaking and setting sales and service records at a number of companies including the largest in the world, Terminix International; ultimately culminating in the founding of Kuja Pest Management and Animal Abatement Specialists. He can be seen on Discovery Channel: Mythbusters – Home remedies for skunk odor removal. He also co-authored:
“Home Sweet Home: Tips from industry experts on maintaining the value of your property” and
“Maximize the Value of your Home: Featuring interviews with 16 Real Estate and Home Improvement Experts. “

As an evergreen entrepreneur, he was introduced to network marketing and instantly “fell in love” with the concept. Due to the changing economy and the new rules of business and under the advice of Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kioyasaki he made the transition to become a Professional Network Marketer.