Raz Chan has helped thousands of clients overcome
their limitations to achieve success in life. His passion
for helping others discover their inner greatness can be
traced to his challenging childhood. During this period,
he struggled with racism, poverty, low self-image, and
trying to find his identity. His immigrant parents struggled to make a day to
day living. The one thing they did have was a dream for a better life. Times
were tough, sacrifices were made by the family. It is during this time he
learned the value of hard work, determination, and tenacity.
After completing his studies he moved to Vancouver, BC. Still struggling with
his negative childhood experiences, he began to re-examine his life. He sat
in his little apartment one day, staring at the mirror, realizing that was not
him and he wanted better. He decided a change had to be made on a
physical level if he wanted to start loving himself. He began a daily intense
physical regimen to transform his body by adding 40 lbs of muscle.
Along the way, he noticed the physical changes still weren’t enough to bring
him satisfaction. Something was missing. He was still unhappy, unfilled,
and not financially successful – despite working in a white collar job. He
realized his negative childhood experiences were leading him down the path
to failure. Instead of living his life by design, he was living it by default.
He began to read books on self-development. Suddenly changes began to
take place. He felt empowered to regain control of his life and change it for
the better. In 2005, he took a chance leaving his secure government job to
start Raz Chan Fitness ( offering the world’s first
women’s kickboxing boot camp. It was an instant success and transformed
the lives of thousands of women through health and wellness in the
Vancouver area.
Today Raz has expanded his services to a worldwide audience, providing
self-improvement through health and wellness through his website:
Raz was also recognized for his heroism in August 2014 when he helped
stop an attempted carjacking and assault in Vancouver.
Raz is a graduate of the University of Manitoba and holds a diploma in
manual osteopathy. He is an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion
holding titles as a two-time US Open Champion and a two-time World Silver
Medalist. His work has been featured and quoted in The New York Times,
Canada’s Fashion Magazine, The Fight Network and Vancouver Magazine.
You can connect with Raz at:
Raz Chan Online:
[email protected]
Raz Chan Vancouver Classes:
[email protected]