Raul Villacis is one of the top Real Estate Sales Coaches in the country, as well as a Best Selling Author and CEO of Advantage Real Estate Group Advisors. Raul’s work in re-strategizing the real estate portfolio of big financial institutions such top banks and also working with the US Government earned him the designation of “One of the Nation’s Top Real Estate Firms” according to the Wall Street Journal and Real Trends Inc. With the creation of his “Next Level Real Estate” brand, Raul’s focus is teaching innovative Real Estate strategies to top Real Estate professionals around the world helping them get predictable results in all Real Estate environments.

“There are three types of people….people that make it happen, people that watch it happen, and people that say “What Happened?”” Although he didn’t know it at the time, that is a mantra Raul has been living out since he was a young boy. His mother once had to tell him that she could not afford getting him a haircut every week even though little Raul insisted his hair had to be perfect at all times. After all, presentation is everything, right? Well that didn’t stop Raul from achieving his goal. He simply went to his local barber and asked to be taught how to cut his own hair! Sure enough he learned, and hasn’t had a hair out of place since. He MADE IT HAPPEN.

It is that same attitude he carries into his Real Estate Coaching; tenacity, repetition, and a hunger to learn. Raul is the creator of the “Successful Daily Ritual Formula” and the “Formula to take Massive Action” which have become a foundation for helping his coaching clients reach the next level in Real their Estate career. In addition to his coaching Raul has consistently bought and sold over 100 Million dollars a year in Investment Property. His knowledge of the industry from all angles and his commitment to being mentally prepared for success make him a unique asset to all Real Estate professionals.