Ralph Masengill is an advisor, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist. Many words could be used to describe Ralph Masengill, but he prefers to be called “friend,” a title he fully expects to earn.
Ralph is one of the original change agents in the United States. Before the quality movement came into vogue, he and his associates were presenting seminars and papers to senior management across the nation pointing out that until a business, a team, or a person is willing to understand and submit to positive change, effective quality improvement and substantial profit enhancement were not probable. Masengill and his Associates have always worked from the industry or business side of marketing. Masengill has also worked closely with numerous colleges and universities, helping them satisfy their special needs, and he is considered an expert at improving communication between the private “for-profit” sector and academia.
He believes every company has a personality dictated by the personalities of those in charge, and every company should be marketed based on that personality. Only a well- planned, individualized public relations and communications strategy that truly reflects the objectives, needs, and personality of the company and its leaders will be successful in the long run. Anything less is smoke and mirrors, not cost effective, and in most cases is detrimental to the organization and its leaders. The key is to tell the truth very well about the leader and the company he or she leads.
As an entrepreneur, Ralph has the business expertise, knowledge and marketing background to understand how companies work from within. He has the wisdom of one who has made the journey of sustained success himself. And he has an ethics- based philosophy of helping others and the community around him. In short, Ralph is a man whose experience, skills and vision can help anyone develop a longevity-focused program for continued success that allows the leader to more fully enjoy his or her leadership position.
Ralph’s life story is one of personal challenge, tragedy, and triumph. His professional career has been defined by great success in both the private and public sectors. He brings to the table forty-plus years of professional business experience. His company Masengill Marketing Associates, has won over 850 national and regional advertising and marketing awards.
He is a dedicated leader who truly enjoys working with people. He is easy to get to know and an excellent listener. Ralph does not understand second place, and he is all about getting clients what they want, when they want it. He will do everything possible to make sure you obtain your goals, and he will make and offer many suggestions that can make reaching your vision a reality.
Ralph and his wife Dianne live near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. They have four grown children, two dogs and two cats. Ralph enjoys woodworking, sailing and working with his favorite charities.