Rajesh Kanuru, a founding partner of KP Law, LLC, has established a stellar reputation for being a zealous advocate for his clients who suffered spinal injuries through work or the negligence of another. Believing that involvement is key to a successful representative, he has successfully fought for the rights of clients against large corporations such as PepsiCo, UPS, Walsh Construction, Walmart, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, United Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Fed-Ex, Target, and other Fortune 500 companies.

His dedication to his job is unparallel to any other. He is tenacious when it comes to fighting for the rights of hard working individuals. Mr. Kanuru has been featured on television and in Chicago newspapers and has voiced his advice and concerns on personal injury and workers compensation through various lectures and articles. He also wrote a weekly column in a national newspaper and has previously co-hosted his own legal radio show. He has lectured heavily on Spinal injury litigation and his peers constantly refer to him for advice on how to maximize settlements in cases in which the Plaintiff has suffered a spinal injury.

He participates in various associations, such as Workers Compensation Lawyers, Illinois Trial Lawyers, American Association for Justice, Brain Injury Association of Illinois,. He has received his Juris Doctor [Doctor of Law] from Chicago-Kent School of Law and his Masters in Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago.