Referred to by colleagues as an amazing leader and
coach, Rachel O’Brien-Eddy has spent the majority of
her career teaching others how to get on the fast track to
success. Over the years, Rachel has learned to overcome
countless obstacles, giving her a unique ability to relate
to people from all walks of life. She takes an authentic approach to life by
sharing her triumphant journey from failure to success, while encouraging
and inspiring others to reach their greatest potential.
As a Personal Transformation Expert, Author, Speaker, and Success Coach,
Rachel is on a mission to create a culture of belief that you can have, do, be,
or contribute anything in life regardless of your circumstances. Having been
recognized in the top 2% of a nation-wide sales force, Rachel understands
what it takes to achieve success. She has worked with top leaders in multiple
industries including Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series
and best-selling author Dan Kennedy. She has also been recognized as one
of America’s Premier Experts™ in the field of personal development.
Rachel, a sought-after speaker, has shared the stage with some of the
world’s top business experts and leaders. She dares to DREAM BIG and
created the Infinite Success System™ to share her message and proven
success strategies throughout the world. Her sole focus is to encourage,
inspire, and empower her clients to achieve a higher level of success in
business and life. As an adventure seeker and lover of life, Rachel has had
the privilege of traveling all over the world and currently lives internationally
with her husband Ryan and their two boys.
You can connect with Rachel at: