Priscilla Freed is an entrepreneur, fitness expert, life
coach, speaker, author, and wellness business mentor.
After graduating from UC Berkeley, Priscilla discovered
that her carefree college diet of pizza and chocolate
chip cookies left her with an expanded waistline and an
unhealthy body image. Realizing that most women have similar struggles,
Priscilla made it her mission to help women “lose their minds.” She became
a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach, as well as received a
Masters in Philosophy from Denver Seminary, where she first developed her
mind-body program.
In 2006, Priscilla founded Holistic Health Corp, a whole-life coaching
company whose mission is to radically change a woman’s mindset in order
to transform her body. Based in Littleton, Colorado, her company offers a
number of local and virtual nutrition, fitness, and life coaching programs
dedicated to changing women’s lives. Priscilla is also the creator and
director of Camp MissFits®, an award-winning fitness training program that
brings together a top-notch coaching team with a Motley Crew of Motivated
Women™. Priscilla’s education and coaching experience in mindset, body
image, fitness, and nutrition is the reason her holistic coaching programs
help women achieve lifelong success.
Priscilla has been seen on 9News and Fox31’s Colorado’s Best, as well as
in the Denver Business Journal, Denver Daily News, Littleton Independent,
and the Denver Post. Also known as Sergeant Silla for her “no excuses”
approach, Priscilla has motivated thousands of women to ACT in order to
realize their greatest dreams.
To learn more about Priscilla Freed, her life-changing coaching programs,
and how you can receive her free “Total Body-Mindset Makeover” training
guide, visit: or call: 303-220-0141.