Prerak Patel is a successful entrepreneur, a business professional, and a visionary. After graduating from the University of Houston with a concentration in Computer Engineering Technology, Prerak set himself on an entrepreneurial path immediately. He foresaw that Internet and technology would have an extreme impact on
any business model at any stage, whether it be a start-up, mid-level or an established large company. In order to brand themselves effectively and progressively, businesses would need advanced digital marketing strategies and automated systems. As a result, he founded Mightus Media.
Since starting Mightus Media, Prerak has expanded his services to provide Internet and Direct Response marketing to all businesses. His clientele enjoys the expert problem-solving practices that Mightus Media offers in developing profitable and sustainable campaigns.
Due to his expertise, Prerak has been featured in,, Entrepreneur. com and many other publications. His team consists of experienced marketers that have assisted many businesses and brands to grow and exponentially increase their revenue. Contact Mr. Patel at: [email protected]