Peter is a Level 5 Master Golf Coach, golfing machine Golf Stroke
Engineer Master (GSEM), Paul Chek Golf-Bio Mechanic Practitioner
with a BSc in sports psychology, a qualified trainer of NLP with
SNLP, Reiki Master Practitioner, and registered hypnotherapist.
Peter has been successful in taking a tour player to his first every
victory, his county to victory, helped the English amateur team, and assisted thousands
of golfers to play better golf. His articles have been published in many of the country’s
popular golf magazines and featured on many websites, including Golf Magic. His
main success, however, is the transformation of the coaching industry, how it trains
and recruits, and through his philosophy of driving a results-oriented platform.
To learn more about Peter and the WGTF of GB&I, visit
or email [email protected] to discover how you can receive his special report on the
Six Essentials Skills of Earning Money Teaching Golf. You can also call him on 08450
949445 to find out how you could run your own company training golfers to become
golf coache