Paul Lagudi knows that whatever you believe and
conceive; you will achieve. In August 2000, unable to get
a job, Paul started a produce company that he acquired
for $30,000. Within three years it was a million dollar
company, now over 10 years old, it has grown into a
multi-million dollar company.
Paul’s strong faith in God guides his business principles and encourages him
to help those in need. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Paul readied
trucks and sent fresh produce to the area. Paul understands personally that
any day could be your last, so he also assists the Make-a-Wish Foundation
and the American Cancer Society.
Committed to staying fit and healthy, in his free time you will find Paul at
the gym, playing sports or spending time with his family. Paul resides in Las
Vegas with his wife and near his three adult children, ages 31, 22 and 19.