Patti Thor is the founder of Radical Giver. She lives with her family
in State College, Pennsylvania. She challenged traditional mindsets
in college, corporate America, as an entrepreneur and a fulltime
mother of four through the principles of Radical Giver.
Her range of experiences helps Patti connect to and challenge the
giving heart in all audiences. Patti illustrates secrets to success that encompass the
entire being. Health, relationships and spirituality, as well as financial success are
integral facets of a fulfilling life. Incorporating Patti’s insightful concepts will help you
to obtain the whole package.
Patti is a contributing author to Jump Start Your Success, Volume 2, featuring Brian
Tracy, world-renowned speaker, author and trainer, and James Malinchak, from ABCs
hit TV show “Secret Millionaire.”
Patti is also author of the upcoming books: Radical Giver, Radical Giver Tips for
Student Leader Success, and Radical Giver Secrets to Raising Amazing Kids Without
Being a Perfect Parent.
Patti has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh and has received
the Insights Foundation Positive Living Strategist Award and Best Speaker Award
from the State College Toastmasters. She has spoken at James Malinchak’s “College
Speaking Success Bootcamp” and Jonathan Sprinkles’ “Presentation Power.”
To learn more about Radical Giver, visit