Pamela Herrmann has spent 25 years in the consumer
products industry working with companies that have
ranked on Fortune’s Fastest-Growing 100. She is an
inventor and has successfully brought these products to
market with such retail giants as Pottery Barn, William
Sonoma, Sears and International Wine Accessories.
She is also a successful Internet marketer, and is passionate about bringing
best practices from the online world into Main Street, and arming small
business owners with the critical information for success in today’s economy.
She is the creator of the Facebook training: Social Media Lab 101.
Pamela is also a staunch consumer advocate and through her movement,
The High Visibility Project, she educates retailers on the power of 5-star
customer care that creates life-long loyalty.
Pamela is a graduate of the University of San Francisco. She is the cofounder
of Herrmann-Hussey, an online and offline marketing company that
specializes in social media and software development for content creators.
A trainer with ‘A Better Networker’ – the largest online community of home
business owners – Pamela also has a radio show on The Home Business
Radio Network and has been featured three times on the cover of ‘What’s
Working Now.’
Pamela resides in Denver, Colorado with her two children.
You can connect with Pamela at:
[email protected]