Pam Moore, CEO and founder of FruitZoom, Inc., an experiential social media, brand and digital marketing agency that helps business leaders leverage marketing that bears fruit. She teaches her clients to inspire and connect emotionally with target audiences by leveraging content, brand and integrated social media marketing strategies to nurture authentic relationships.

Pam spent 15+ years building brands in high tech marketing for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller startups and business to consumer organizations. Her areas of expertise include engaging and developing communities in high technology, professional services, enterprise data storage and virtualization, natural lighting, database analytics, green/eco-friendly, online marketing, and web 2.0 ecommerce.

“At the heart of all business is relationships. Social media and that cute little blue Twitter bird simply make it easier to connect,” said Pam. Pam’s methodologies are based on the belief that we must first inspire our audiences with interesting content, we then connect and build authentic relationships, and last we help them achieve their objectives as well as ours. Inspire-Connect-Achieve is her tagline.

Pam left corporate America last fall and is seeing her business zoom in a short time frame thanks to a combination of social media, content and a focus on authentic relationships. She teaches social media seminars, is confirmed for several upcoming social media speaking engagements , is kicking off a “Women that Zoom” seminar series in addition to several joint ventures. She works with businesses small and large, local and national to help them zoom with integrated social media strategies and tactics.

In the book Pam will share her personal story and how social media and authentic relationships helped her succeed as a corporate business leader as well as ignite her business as an entrepreneur. Also included will be information regarding her proprietary methodologies for developing content and social media strategies that zoom with a positive ROI!

Pam goes by the code name of “PamMktgNut” and can easily be found with a Google search. “ I am not afraid to show my nutty self. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be authentic now would I,” said Pam.

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