Paddu Govindaraj is an inbound marketing and sales
strategy expert with over two decades of technology experience.
He specializes in strategies and best practices
for online lead generation, lead conversion, customer relationship
management and loyalty management.
Paddu is a serial entrepreneur and launched several marketing and technology
startups in North America and Asia. He is the founder of LeadPro247, a
leading online lead generation, and distribution and management software
and service provider. LeadPro247 is a leading service provider for online
Publishers, Affiliates, Advertisers, Media agencies, Lead generation and
sales organizations.
He is an expert in the online lead generation domain. He provides consulting
services to Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses
and online media agencies on best practices in online marketing, marketing
automation, lead generation, enterprise sales and lead conversion.
Paddu helps tiny, small and medium-sized businesses transition from traditional
marketing practices to Internet and Social Media-based marketing. He
mentors small business owners and marketers to standout from the crowd
in the online marketing world.
He is also the author and publisher of several blogs in the lead generation,
search engine marketing and online survey research areas. He is well
known in the industry and participates in online seminars and industry conferences
as a blogger, panelist and presenter.
Paddu holds a Masters degree in Information Systems and Marketing, in
addition to a degree in Science. He has also worked on marketing, sales and
customer management technology projects with large corporate organizations
such as Owens Corning, Tata Group and Ford Motor Company on major
marketing systems initiatives. He has managed enterprise-wide CRM and
ERP systems implementation projects.
He actively participates in several entrepreneurial and technology startup
accelerator organizations.
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him on Twitter at: or visit:
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