Author P. Ruth Doneson, Founder and creator of Whole Person Life Coaching, is a Spiritual Teacher, Psychotherapist and Life Coach with a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Whole Person Life Coaching was designed to address all four aspects of the person: the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspects. Thus, an
internal balance of the whole person can be achieved in the process.
P. Ruth Doneson is also an Ordained Priest, and Metaphysician. A former resident of San Francisco, California, where she attended Balboa High School, City College of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University, Ruth entered a seminary in 1969.
Ms. Doneson attended the Holy Order Of MANS Seminary1 as a resident member for four years. The Holy Order Of MANS2 was a Mystical Christian Teaching Order and it was there that Ruth began her metaphysical studies. Many years later, Ruth reconnected with some of her former teachers; and after some additional training, she was ordained to the Priesthood of Melchizedek, through the Gnostic Order Of Christ, by Rt. Rev. Timothy Delbert Wayne Harris on February 2, 1990.
Ruth has continued her metaphysical studies throughout her life and uses this nonjudgmental universal approach to inform her coaching and therapy. Ruth prefers coaching as a profession because it eliminates the hierarchical relationship of client and therapist, and creates a partnership between coach and client. This structure seems to her more comfortable and appropriate for the current millennium, as well as empowering for her clients.
The quality of Ruth’s work can only be demonstrated by the self-discovery, self-love, goals reached and successful accomplishments she has helped to facilitate for her clients as she journeys with them on their paths.