Ong Whatt Kim has over thirty seven years experience in sales, marketing, training and consulting. He has a well-rounded training background providing one-on-one sales performance coaching as well as conducting public and in-house training for corporate clients. He is also engaged as an Associate Consultant by the Business Excellence Centre, PSB Corporation. He had lectured in Salesmanship and Marketing for the Extramural Studies Department of the National University of Singapore, Export Sales Techniques and the Advanced Programme in Export Market Development for the Export Institute of Singapore, a division of the Trade Development Board.
Selling, Sales Management, Sales Performance Coaching.
He was invited to be the closing speaker at the First National Convention of Filipino Sales Champions in 1993 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila.
As an Associate Trainer and Examiner with the PSB Academy for the Certificate in Salesmanship and Marketing course, he is actively involved in the training of those embarking or currently in the sales profession. In his role as the Regional Representative for the UK-based Managing and Marketing Sales Association (MAMSA) Examination Board, he is responsible for preparing candidates for international sales certification. He has also gained certification from US-based Sales Training International, Inc to conduct their courses and train-the-trainers programs.
He started his own business in 1980 and has over the years established a group of three small companies. He is not only the owner of these businesses but also a hands-on practitioner in directing and managing his companies.