Nosh Marzbani is a celebrity expert known for integrating the mind and body. He is a guide to highly creative people that desire deeper levels of balance, harmony and physical energy. He takes his clients on a journey through the unexplored realms of consciousness where he assists them to actualize the dream of their greatest life.
Nosh is known for patiently providing holistic systems and tools for inner peace and personal power. By accessing the wellspring of innate intelligence, Nosh openly shares the secrets to effectively maximize the healing potential of the human heart. .
Nosh teaches his patients not only to move towards their dreams, but to go further, faster. He uses the mind body connection in very specific ways, addressing the vital role a healthy, tuned body plays in the journey of both the spiritual and physical.
Nosh teaches that much of the communication and connection which happens in life is translated through body language. How we talk, move, look and the degree of our self confidence, often reflected in our posture, affects the levels of success we can achieve.
Nosh helps people understand their bodies and how achieving their physical potential can directly bring about their highest self. In the process of developing both physical and inner greatness, Nosh Marzbani has been identified and sought out as a Life Improvement coach by celebrities and business executives alike.
Nosh believes that when our bodies perform well; we have the highest amounts of energy to accomplish life goals, while negative self-image destroys progress because, as Nosh states, “You’re only hurting yourself.”
Nosh Marzbani regularly receives good reviews written by those who have benefitted from his expertise. Nosh’s coaching style focuses on addressing the whole person. He gives people the positivity and the encouragement they need to go out and live a life that is truly meaningful – one which is in alignment with making meaningful contributions that are personally fulfilling and valuable to society.
Nosh instructs that serving others is part of being your best self; and the more you give, the more you get in return. Nosh Marzbani’s mission is creating powerful people who can go out and make a real difference in the world.
Nosh loves adventure and action sports. He has traveled the world to learn about human nature, music, art and culture. He is a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor who became a millionaire before the age of 30. He graduated with honors as a Master in Asian Medicine. During his educational journey, Nosh became the youngest Assistant Academic Dean at SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, as well as the youngest Admissions and Regional Director for Acupuncture Students. He has also won multiple gold medals in martial arts.
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