Nick Osborne has been in the fitness industry for more than 25 years. He’s been a part of every aspect of the gym business from desk person, membership sales person and head personal trainer; …all the way to owner of two clubs..

He has seen all the fads come and go. He focuses on building systems and methods that get people fast results, in a fun and effective way. He created his gyms to be the most effective training gyms in the Columbus, Ohio area, by providing fun workouts and training his coaches up to 12 times longer than any of his competitors..

The secret to his gym’s success is not just the effective and fun exercise systems, but more so how the coaches/trainers and staff work with and treat the members. His coaches focus on every aspect of the clients’ lives that can affect them getting the results they want. His systems also provide nutrition education, cardio workouts and metabolic circuit training, as well as foam rolling and stretching programs to each and every coaching client..

Nick’s system is so effective for the club, coach/trainer and client that fitness centers around the world have sought him out for consulting, public speaking and to implement his system into their own gyms. Nick has become the “Trainer of Personal Trainers.”.

Nick used his “Integrated Functional Coaching System®” (IFCS) to train himself to win 14 U.S. titles in full-contact and traditional Kung Fu, and a World Championship in Traditional Combat Kung Fu. Also, he is the only person to win N.A.S.S.’s North America’s Strongest Man twice.
The IFCS has also been used in training professional athletes, World’s Strongest Man champion, Phil Pfister, The Ohio State University varsity football, wrestling and field hockey teams, as well as guiding more than 100,000 people around the world to get the bodies they want.

To learn more about Nick Osborne and his training center, you can visit the gym’s website: or call 614-481-8080.