Nick Nemeth is a Texas attorney who’s been in practice for
the past 15 years. His law practice, The Law Offices of Nick
Nemeth, PLLC, focuses solely on helping individuals and
businesses resolve a wide range of IRS issues. Nick has
been featured in USA Today, CNBC, “CBS Money Watch,”
Yahoo Finance, the Miami Herald and Morningstar as well as ABC, NBC, CBS
and Fox affiliates around the country.
As a long-time resident of Dallas, Nick possesses a unique quality only present
in those who truly love their home—a complete and personal investment
in the lives of the people of his community. By creating a truly local
presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Nick brings his 15 years of
legal experience to those who truly need it … individuals and businesses
who are being threatened by the IRS.
Nick’s ultimate goal in his practice, for any of his clients, is to provide efficient,
cost-effective legal representation. He firmly believes that when any
taxpayer is facing an “opponent” who happens to be a branch of the federal
government, one who’s able to seize your property and assets without going
to court, that taxpayer should arm him/herself with an aggressive, experienced
law firm. Nick’s staff includes attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and
tax professionals who are dedicated to keeping ahead of an ever-changing
industry: solving IRS problems. Nick is known for constantly saying, “My
only job is to keep the IRS as far away as possible from my clients’ assets
until I negotiate an acceptable solution to their problem.”
Nick was driven to become an attorney by his desire to help serve others and
make a positive impact on the world. He’s pleased with having found a niche in
which he has been able to accomplish both these goals. He loves the satisfaction
of working for a diverse clientele who are unequivocally pleased with his
representation. His dedication to his practice is a benefit to all in the area of
law he’s focused on—helping his clients solve their IRS problems.
Having traveled to places like Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Canada, Hungary
and the Caribbean, Nick appreciates the ties that continue to bring him back
to Dallas-Fort Worth: his law practice, his wife and five children, and the abun29
dance of sports and community activities that keeps the family man busy.
To learn more about Nick Nemeth and his law practice, or to order a copy
of his free special report, How to End Your IRS Problems Forever, visit www. or call (972) 484-0TAX (0829).