Nick Bentley has extensive knowledge and experience in over 30 areas of structured finance. From multi-million dollar bridge loans, to $5000 start-up loans, ensuring business owners can access capital for growth is his life’s passion. As Managing Partner of Bentley Capital Ventures he is dedicated to helping business owners in every facet of business from growth and development to the expansion phase. It’s through the forming of
strategic relationships with both institutional and non-institutional investors alike, that hundreds of business owners have benefited – who otherwise were left abandoned by the big banks.

Herschel and Nick, father and son, formed Bentley Capital Ventures with a mission to assist all businesses with alternative financing to the rigors of traditional bank loans. They believe that when a business has the capital to grow, no matter if it’s equipment needs, new personnel, or ramping up the marketing, that the business has an opportunity to flourish. When that happens the business will grow, new jobs will be added and the overall economy improves.