Nicholas Rodriguez currently serves as the President and CEO of
YoungBiz USA. YoungBiz is known as a world leader in business,
entrepreneurship, and financial literacy education for children,
teenagers, young adults and adults. YoungBiz publishes and provides
youth financial literacy and entrepreneurship curriculums
to public, private and charter schools across the United States. YoungBiz also provides
year-round programs, camps, workshops and professional development training.
Nicholas is also the Founder of BusinessMind Creations, the managing company
for BusinessMind Greetings and Baby Biz Wear.
Prior to YoungBiz, Nicholas served as the Co-Founder and President of Commercial
Lending Group, a Full Service Financing Company specializing in the financing of
business acquisitions and start-up business loans.
Nicholas serves on numerous boards for youth-oriented organizations and is a high
demand consultant to organizations in regards to developing and implementing financial
literacy and entrepreneurship programs for youth and young adults.
Nicholas is a graduate of St. Francis College in Brooklyn NY. He resides with his wife
Jacqueline and their family in Staten Island, New York. Nicholas and YoungBiz can be
contacted at: and/or at 1-800-878-4982.