Naveen khurana was born in 1947 in New Delhi, India. His father was a highly respected doctor and he was educated in the best schools and universities in India and lived a comfortable life.

His journey to learn about success, freedom, the higher truths and pleasures in life began in his early childhood when his parents would frequently take him to visit Gandhi and other successful leaders. Visiting these persons and hearing from them had a profound impact on him.

After graduating in 1970 from the elite Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he enrolled at the University of Illinois in the United States to pursue graduate studies. While in graduate school, he often found himself discussing the “tough” questions about life with his friends and professors; questions about success, life’s purpose, self-knowledge, karma, reincarnation, yoga, meditation, etc. He was in discussions with bright and educated persons; but he found that solid or satisfying responses were hard to come by. He made many wonderful friends, but observed how the predominant focus on temporary and fleeting success, and happiness based on short-lived pleasures, left them, including himself, dissatisfied and unfulfilled in many ways.

In 1972, he took the search for true success and a meaningful life very seriously. He
began exploring different schools of philosophy, modern teachings on self-improvement, yoga, meditation, and different religious doctrines. He graduated in 1973 with two masters degrees and entered the corporate world in Detroit and rapidly rose in his profession. He did very well financially and retired in 1978.

Soon after, he had the good fortune to study and learn in the private chambers of very successful “life” scientists and mentors, and he received solid answers to every question he had about life. He practiced scientific processes for true and lasting success and experienced indescribable joy and satisfaction that created a huge “paradigm” shift. He also had access to extensive private libraries with hundreds of publications that specifically deal with life success and elevation. Interestingly enough, he also came under the guidance of one of the mentors of Gandhi.

For over 40 years now, with more than 50,000 hours of study and daily practice, he has given his major focus to absorbing and using this “Science of Eternal Success.”

He has distilled this vast body of knowledge into three categories: 1) The 150-plus
questions that open the mind to complete knowledge, 2) The 100-plus Laws that shape true lasting success, and 3) the 40-plus qualities and behaviors of highly successful and happy persons.

His wife of 30-plus years, Michele, has been his constant companion and partner. They have a genuine understanding and experience of success, both temporary and eternal, and have used this knowledge to live a lifestyle which includes financial independence and the freedom to use their time as they choose. They know how to “succeed” in the easiest way both for the “now” and the “future,” as well as how to balance the two needs very well. They live a prosperous and pleasurable life in peak health and with wonderful relationships.

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