Nathan Ohren offers a variety of workshops and focused coaching programs for personal and professional growth, using journal writing as a primary tool. His signature workshop, Passion, Clarity and Purpose, helps people get back in touch with the reasons they were born, and to move their lives in the direction of their
dreams. He helps people mend important relationships, advance in their careers, and replace long-standing, confusing or frustrating issues with clarity and creation.
In June of 1985, Nathan Ohren had no idea what prompted him to pick up the pen and begin writing in a 200-page, 5-subject, spiral-bound notebook. His first entry began, “Today was another boring day…” Perhaps even at the age of fourteen, Nathan expected to invite passion and purpose into his young life.
As a troubled teenager fraught with suicidal thoughts, Nathan wrestled over issues of identity, and finding real truth. He filled his early volumes with pages of heart-felt prayers, meditations and responses to sacred texts. In one poignant entry during his coming of age, he wrote, “The only thing I can know for sure is that I can’t know anything for sure; and I’m not even sure about that!” Journal-writing itself had become Nathan’s spiritual path.
During the next 30 years of recording compelling stories of anguish and ambition, trials and triumphs, Nathan set his course on helping others to find passion, clarity and purpose through journal-writing.
After obtaining a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University at Northridge, Nathan served as a Crisis Hotline Counselor, Area Director for Toastmasters, and holds a successful twelve-year career as Director of Client Services for a leading worldwide software company.
Meanwhile, he has become an eminent authority in the journal-writing community, as founder of Write4Life. He hosts and produces JournalTalk, a weekly podcast nominated for Best in Class at the Ninth Annual People’s Choice Podcasting Awards. Nathan manages operations and content at, the world’s leading resource on digital journaling. He created the 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge, bringing together journaling therapists and application developers to help people investigate the opportunities of digital journaling.
In 2013, Nathan earned his Certified Journaling Instructor credentials from the Center for Journal Therapy. He is a requested guest speaker at numerous business and journaling events. His book, The Journal-Writer’s Guide to Staying Started, helps both new and experienced journal writers maximize the many benefits of journaling.
You may contact Nathan with any personal situation, large or small, to receive his suggestions for writing exercises that offer resolution, strength, or clarity. For a current list of available workshops, or to contact Nathan for a private consultation, please visit: