Monika Zands is an executive business consultant and life strategist who loves to help highly successful entrepreneurs tap into their greatness and build global empires. Her unique ability is to see through people’s perceived limitations and help them recognize and use their true gifts and expertise to build their unique and specific LEGACY. She is a master communicator and
an expert at building excellent teams, designing clear, effective business strategies and leadership development roadmaps. Her powerful intuitive guidance helps people clarify a plan for impeccable success and a way to leave their footprint on the planet.
With the nickname, Walking Love, Monika’s clients often say that she gives them peace of mind while arming them with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their wildest dreams and beyond.
A graduate of UCLA and a certified Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Monika uses her broad range of business experience, including a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, advanced business training, and twenty years of corporate leadership facilitation to support her clients to achieve massive results, experience joy in the process, and effectively develop deeper, more profound relationships that last a lifetime.
Monika is the Founder of The Next LevelTM, a business mastery program designed for people to tap into their greatness and bring their life and business to the next level of success. Selected as one of America’s PremierExpertsTM, Monika has taught her innovative technology on stages around the country, inspiring audiences with her heart-centered approach to achieving life-altering results.
Monika loves adventure. She speaks three different languages and immerses herself in new cultures at every turn. She’s traveled to over fifteen countries, has run five triathlons, and has risked her life in countless extreme sporting events. She even met her wonderful and adoring husband on the UCLA sailing team. But her biggest adventure and success to date has been conceiving, delivering, and raising three generous, loving, delightful children.
See your greatness. Be your greatness. Pay it forwardTM.
To tap into your greatness, visit:
Instagram: @monikazands