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About Monika Brunschwiler

Monika Brunschwiler, is the founder of the MMLJ® Profil, PPI-System and the Leadership 4Human Beings. She has her own company in Zürich. She worked 16 years in the private industry and 17 years in the policeforce of Zürich. The first time her name was mentioned with regards to this was 1997 in Dan Korem’s bestseller: „The Art of Profiling“, which was published by International Focus Press in Texas in 2001. In 2012, she was in a swiss tv show „Time to do“ where she talked about the work of the police, violance and rights as a former police-investigator. This was a life stream shot and now is available on you tube, on : Having seen a lot of extremely challenging situations, she recognized that there are mainly four ways of communication used by people under pressure.

The way to establish a profile based on the word and language focus might even be a world first at this time, even though the method is, in fact, ancient as reflected in the name of my full-length MMLJ® profile: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Profile.

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