Molly Peacock founded the Peacock Law Firm, a law firm that focuses its practice on condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners associations. She believes her clients are the fabric of this nation. Her clients are people with diverse day-time obligations who have a common goal: to make their community a great place to live. As Molly likes to repeat, the work that her clients accomplish also improves the property values within their communities. The ripple effect of this work is a better condominium, home, street, neighborhood, town, city, world – yet her clients do all this on a volunteer basis. Money cannot buy the level of commitment required for certain institutions to work well. She feels honored to work with people who care for the physical, financial, and intangible assets of their community.
Molly graduated from The College of William and Mary with a BA in French and Government in 1999. She graduated with a JD from the University of Richmond in 2002, a semester early, and went on to work as a law clerk for the Honorable Judges of the Alexandria Circuit Court in Virginia, Judges Haddock, Kloch, and Swersky. Molly learned much about litigation, dispute resolution, and opinion-drafting during her two year tenure as one of three Judges’ Law Clerks. At the conclusion of the clerkship, Molly began her private practice at an insurance defense firm in Arlington, Virginia, continuing her thorough education in litigation, appellate work, and dispute resolution. From insurance defense, Molly moved into the realm of community association law, joining the law firm of Chadwick Washington in 2006.
Molly’s father is a retired Brigadier General in the Army, her brother is currently a Major General, leading the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg. Having been brought up in a military family, Molly has had the privilege of growing up with a special appreciation for duty, honor, country, and service. She herself was awarded an Army ROTC scholarship and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant at her college graduation in 1999. Though a medical issue cut her military career short, Molly remains drawn to people who care enough for their communities to dedicate themselves to enabling due process, protecting freedom, and thinking creatively about the best prevention of and solutions to problems.
Problem-solving and fun-planning is an integral part of home life for Molly while not working. She and her handsome, funny husband Glen are parents to three fast-growing sons. Her hobbies include going to plays with one or more of the boys, going to the park, visiting vineyards in Virginia and beyond, attending wine tastings on weekends (and weeknights), and determining which champagne is really her favorite.