Mike Starks is the founder, CEO & President of The Meal Movement and Personal Trainer Food – weight loss diet-meal delivery programs. He enjoys working with his passion, weight loss.
Mike started and built six companies with his last two being extremely successful, reaching $30 million in sales. He sold his last company in 2004, and accidentally discovered the keys to weight loss while losing a lot of money in the stock market.
“It was an expensive lesson but well worth it!” says Starks.
He’s very passionate about weight loss through eating right and not so much about laborious exercise. He should know, at 48 years old Mike Starks is very proud of maintaining 6-7% body fat by simply walking 30 minutes a day and eating the right foods.
“My goal is to see America get back to the basics of eating. To forget all this rocket science nutrition and workout methodology stuff. It’s simple… just eat Meats, Vegetables, Natural Dairy and you get to your ideal weight. No need for seaweed, kelp or organic meatballs. Just simple old-fashioned foods like we ate 50 years ago without all the processed stuff. This is my passion, to educate people back to simplicity (and hopefully make a little money while doing it!).”
He enjoys playing tag and frisbee with his children during his off time. He also has a heart for troubled and abused kids who just need a break and a little bit of direction.
“I used to hunt, fish and travel; buy goofy things like cars, planes, boats, etc. Now I am grown up. I like the simpler things in life like family, work and simplicity! I do have a heart for troubled kids. The biggest crime they have committed is being born into their lousy world. We are responsible to help these kids.”
Mike lives in Highland Village, Texas with his wife and three daughters.