Mike Marsteller is a life expert on resiliency and teaches
young people how to turn their biggest challenges into
their greatest opportunities. He’s an author, mentor,
youth motivational speaker, and humanitarian.
Mike learned to overcome adversity in life by taking experiences from
hardships and turning them into empowering opportunities. As a civic
innovator, he has a gift for creating community solutions that reach out to
people, helping them right where they live. In 2009 he founded the HCM
Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities and
financial support for families who are significantly impacted by cancer. The
foundation works with social workers to find families and help them with their
household bills, rent/mortgage, prescription copayments, transportation, and
medical treatments. To date, the foundation has helped hundreds of families.
Mike is currently one of the most sought out youth motivational speakers
on the scene today. His message connects and reaches young people in a
way most can’t and inspires them to do what most don’t. Students leave
his presentation with a renewed sense of direction, excited about their
possibilities and prepared to take their next steps.
His greatest motivation for life comes from building connections that inspire
the people and communities around him. He is a graduate of Slippery Rock
University and is an avid runner, cyclist, and triathlete competing at an elite
level and finishing four Ironman Triathlons.
You can connect with Mike at:
[email protected]