Mike Bach is one of the UK’s leading total body transformation
experts encompassing physique, performance and internal
Operating out of South Manchester, Mike is the owner of
Body Planner Fitness and a Nike-sponsored trainer. He is
also the creator of the M.A.G.I.C. Principles and The Rich Body Rich Life Formula.
With these systems, Mike consults and coaches one-on-one, both locally and further
afield, as well as owning a set of Fitness Camps across Manchester and Cheshire.
Working with a wide range of clients – from athletes and sports to general and from
business owners/corporate clients to housewives, Mike is a firm believer that having
great health is a must for getting the max out of your life and fulfilling your true potential
professionally and personally. Mike does this time and time again by combining
psychological, nutritional and physical principles.
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