MICHELLE VILLALOBOS has developed thirteen programs that
have collectively been delivered – either virtually or in person
– to over 70,000 people. She teaches, trains and talks about
personal branding, networking, referral marketing, and the unique
challenges women face in business – like “How To Communicate Powerfully (Without
Being A Bit%$).”
The Miami Herald named Michelle one of its annual “20 Under 40” in 2011. Michelle’s
blog is featured on the website for Lifetime TV’s show “The Balancing Act,” and
Telemundo regularly brings Michelle in to discuss how to get ahead in business.
Michelle is bilingual and Hispanic.
As an entrepreneur, Michelle has launched numerous endeavors. One of the most
successful is The Women’s Success Summit, featuring hundreds of attendees,
speakers, and sponsors. The event is currently Miami’s largest business conference
for women, and expanding to several other cities nationwide. In addition, Michelle’s
client roster features names you’ll recognize. For example, she has delivered her
trademark “never-boring” programs for Burger King Corporation, Gibraltar Private
Bank & Trust, Frito-Lay and Lexis-Nexis.
Michelle advocates an “anti-marketing” approach to business, one that eschews
traditional “push” tactics in favor of “pull” strategies that draw referrals, opportunities,
media exposure, and – ultimately – sales. This is what she teaches clients, both
individual and corporate.
Michelle’s speaking style is casual and fun, and she regularly busts out her rainbow
assortment of Sharpies to illustrate points using everyday, audience-appropriate
examples (she recently constructed a price-value matrix using her shoe collection –
the audience loved it).
Michelle holds an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College in Psychology
modified with Mathematics, and an MBA in international business from University Of
Miami. She is also qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Personality
Inventory (MBTI) and loves all manner of personality tests, quizzes and books. She is
an ENFP, by the way.
Michelle’s latest training program, “Make Them Beg” (
(developed together with Jessica Kizorek, founder of is
a wake-up call to anyone who still thinks that business success is still about “selling”
instead of “seducing” or that Google isn’t the new resume.
Michelle’s loftier mission in life is to eradicate gossip, backstabbing and unhealthy
competition among professional women so that they can “get along, get ahead
and get promoted.” To this end she recently published “Why Women Play Dirty”
(www.WhyWomenPlayDirty) to raise awareness about this controversial and oftavoided
Since Day One Michelle has offered a no-holds-barred, no-questions-asked, noexcuses
performance guarantee with every program, speaking engagement or
product she delivers.