Michelle is a Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition Coach in St Petersburg, Florida. She has been coaching others on living an overall healthy lifestyle for over 12 years
Michelle attended the National Personal Trainers Institute in Orlando FL, where she graduated and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. She also sat for the National Sports and Conditioning Association’s exam and earned their certification as a Personal Trainer.

Through dedication and hard work, Michelle learned everything she could about proper diet and exercise. Michelle’s passion for fitness quickly turned into a lifestyle after the birth of her fourth child. Weighing in at 172 pounds, up 42 pounds from her usual 130, she knew she had to make a change. She quickly learned that resistance training, whether using body weight, bands or dumbbells was not just for men. Michelle also learned that women too could lift and still look like women; Not only that, but the benefits of doing so in addition to cardiovascular exercise and proper diet were absolutely priceless!”

As a busy mother of six, Michelle knows how difficult it is for men and women alike to take the time to exercise and eat properly. One thing she educates her clients on is the fact that fitness is a lifestyle. It is something that you must incorporate into your daily schedule and make a habit.
Personal training programs are customized and are based on your goals, level of experience, needs, and lifestyle. Very much like personal training programs, fitness and nutrition coaching is customized and based on the clients’ goals, level of experience, needs, and lifestyle. It is a perfect choice for those who do not need a personal trainer but need guidance on weight loss, nutrition and an exercise program. Sessions are usually weekly face to face or over the phone.

Michelle’s experiences as a wife, widow, mother, student, friend and daughter have given her tremendous knowledge and tools that helped to groom her as a
Much sought after Life Coach.

Michelle is also a dynamic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic speaker. Her speaking engagements focus on life transforming techniques that will leave her audience with the knowledge they need to achieve and maintain the lives and bodies they’ve always wanted.

To learn more about Michelle visit or call 727-755-4348.