Michael A. (Mike) Conduff is the President and CEO of The Elim
Group–Your Governance Experts, a governance, leadership,
speaking and consulting firm. Mike has 35+ years of leadership,
management and governance experience, having served as the
City Manager of four highly acclaimed University communities in
the United States.
Mike earned his B.S. in civil engineering at the University of New Hampshire, graduating
Cum Laude. His M.B.A. is from Pittsburg State University. He is also a charter
graduate of the Carver Policy Governance® Academy and is a Past Chair of the Board
of Directors of the International Policy Governance® Association. Mike has a number
of national and international not-for-profit, for-profit and local government clients. His
success in dealing with Boards has earned him the reputation of being the “Go-To
Guy” for council retreats and corporate governance.
In addition Mike is a best-selling author, and has written or co-authored numerous
books, including Pushing to the Front, with Brian Tracy, Democracy at the Doorstep
– True Stories from the Green Berets of Public Administrators, Bottom Line Green
– How America’s Cities are Saving the Planet (And Money Too!) with Jim Hunt, The
OnTarget Board Member – 8 Indisputable Behaviors, soon to be in its third edition,
and The Policy Governance® Fieldbook, a book on the practical applications of Policy
Governance. He writes a regular column in the internationally distributed Public Manager
magazine, and is a contributing author for the internationally acclaimed “Green
Book” series for ICMA.
As a much sought after and frequent keynote speaker at national and international
events, Mike regularly receives “best of the conference” accolades from attendees
and conference planners.
Mike is a Fellow in the prestigious National Academy of Public Administration. He has
been honored with the 2006 TCMA Mentoring Award in memory of Gary Gwyn, the
2004 International Award for Career Development in Memory of L. P. (Perry) Cookingham
from ICMA, and the especially meaningful Joy Sansom Mentor Award from the
Urban Management Assistants of North Texas for his commitment to helping others
achieve their potential. The Center for Digital Government awarded Mike their coveted
“Best of Texas Visionary Award.”
A fourth generation Native American, Mike grew up on stories of his Cherokee ancestry,
and attributes his love of motivational speaking and telling stories to his grand324
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mothers. He is a Past President of both the Texas City Management Association and
Kansas City Management Association. He was one of the original cohort of fully credentialed
members of the International City/County Management Association, and is
a past member of its Executive Board, where he chaired the Finance Committee. He
still serves ICMA as their Senior Advisor for Governance.
To learn more about Mike or to engage him for your corporate, non-profit or local
government event, call The Elim Group at (940) 382-3945
or visit