Mike Lawrence is an entrepreneur, speaker, business coach, author, and founder of Amp Marketing, Inc. Less than 5 years ago, Mike was a free-lance musician making less than $30,000 a year. Tired of just getting by, and concerned about being able to support his future family, Mike made a decision to find a way to make more income. Having no formal business education, Mike decided that network marketing was a safe place to give business ownership a shot. He spent two years completely “selling out”. He read 30 books, made over 1000 cold contacts, devoured audio teachings, and attended every meeting and conference.
After two years and only mild success in network marketing, Mike finally ran into a stranger at a carwash that would change the trajectory of his life. Through this stranger, Mike would discover that the skills attained in the network marketing endeavor would prove to be valuable assets in sales, management, leadership, building relationships, and ultimately, running a business. Over the next two years, Mike went from an entry level sales rep, to a sales manager, an office manager, a director overseeing nine offices, and finally – starting his own company. His company, Amp Marketing, has secured a national contract for marketing services with a fortune 500 company, and increased revenues 371% in 2012. His rapid success has earned a feature in Inc. Magazine as “The Next Big Thing”.
Now fueled with a passion to help others and give back, Mike has decided to share his message through media and books and serve as a coach/mentor for people who want to change their future financial situation.