Michael Coleman is a world-renowned expert of Asian
movement, exercise and meditative arts. Starting his
training in early childhood, Mr. Coleman is now one of
the most highly regarded practitioners in the United
His wealth of teaching experience gives his readers an advantage in achieving
their personal goals. He’s traveled and taught extensively in Europe,
South America and Asia, as well as conducted seminars in over 20 States in
the US. For over two decades, Mr. Coleman has initiated thousands of people
in the benefits of ancient health exercises – including yoga, breathing and
vitality maintenance – in cities as diverse as Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, and
New York.
Mr. Coleman brings his unique experience to offer an “inner approach” to
the otherwise external aspects of fitness training. He tirelessly promotes his
mission of helping those in need in order to keep life in proper perspective.
Michael has helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars in multiple projects
benefiting the American and International Red Cross. In addition, some of
Michael’s clients and partners have been inspired to expand his work by
helping in their local communities in numerous ways.
His numerous certifications, awards and acknowledgments include:
• Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor.
• Commendations for his teaching ability and community focus from
the governor of his home state as well as from multiple city officials.
• Voted and named “Best of …”, “Editor’s Choice” and one of four
“Social Visionaries of 2010.”
• Merited recognition from Brazil, Italy and other countries.
Learn more about Michael Coleman and how his life’s work can help you. Go
to: www.About.Me/Michael_Coleman for more information.